Software for transient thermal performance analysis of buildings for the assessment of building-plant system energy sustainability

Written in collaboration with Virginia Gori

Download here

Free for non-commercial use. Please cite:

C Balocco, V Gori, E Marmonti, and L Citi
Building-plant system energy sustainability. An approach for transient thermal performance analysis
Energy and Buildings, Volume 49, June 2012, Pages 443-453

Matlab utility for the rejection of outlier trials from Event-Related Potentials

Outlying trials are determined according to:

L Citi, R Poli, and C Cinel
Documenting, modelling and exploiting P300 amplitude changes due to variable target delays in Donchin's speller
Journal of Neural Engineering Volume 7, Oct. 2010, Page 056006

Download erp_reject from Matlab central.

Wavelet denoising for electro-neurographic signals (ENG)

Software that implements a wavelet based algorithm to reduce noise and isolate action  potentials in ENG signals.

Windows and linux versions

Free for non-commercial use. Please cite:

L Citi, J Carpaneto, K Yoshida, KP Hoffmann, KP Koch, P Dario and S Micera
On the use of wavelet denoising and spike sorting techniques to process electroneurographic signals recorded using intraneural electrodes
Journal of Neuroscience Methods Volume 172, Issue 2, 30 July 2008, Pages 294-302

Matlab utility to plot long timeseries

Linear plot with multiple subplot and horizontal scrollbar for the inspection of long timeseries.

Download scrollplot from Matlab central.

UsItaAcc Keyboard layout for Windows

Keyboard layout for Windows that allows the use of the right Alt key (Alt Gr) in a US keyboard to enter the accented vowels used in Italian. For example:
AltGr+a -> à  |  AltGr+e -> è  |  AltGR+d -> é  |  AltGr+(Shift/CapsLock)+a -> À  |  AltGr+(Shift/CapsLock)+e -> È  |  AltGr+(Shift/CapsLock)+d -> É
This is similar to the "US keyboard with Italian letters" layout under Linux.
To use the layout, unzip the file, run setup.exe, and finally enable the new layout in control panel.


Software for point process assessment of heart rate variability

Download pphrv from the lab's webpage.

Online tool for the detection and correction of ectopic and erroneous heart beats in RR series